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Therefore, taking a ride share cover in your personal insurance plan would give you Uber cover at a much lower price as compared to a commercial policy.

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A little knowledge about the basic concepts of insurance coupled with some common sense goes a long way in simplifying the whole process.

auto insurance comparison in texas

And importantly, if the other driver sues you for medical bills beyond what his own PIP covers, you’ll have to pay those out of pocket unless you had bodily injury BI liability coverage, which isn’t required in Florida. Let’s say you weren’t the one at fault — there are still risks to carrying only Florida’s minimums. If your damages are more than your $10,000 PIP covers, there’s no guarantee the other driver will have liability insurance to make up the rest—or any auto insurance at all. In a situation like that, having uninsured motorist UM coverage on your policy would take the place of the other driver’s missing coverage, paying for your additional medical costs and the damage to your vehicle. It could be the only thing standing between you and a huge bill you don’t deserve. For more information on the various types of coverages, check out the Florida Department of Financial Services’ Automobile Insurance Toolkit.

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