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We investigate the cost of legal restrictions on experience rating in auto and home insurance.

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Donate a automobile presents industryleading automobile donation processing services.

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The frequency of human caused collisions will likely decrease with the proliferation of driver assist technologies and self driving cars, but any collision between a human controlled and autonomous vehicle will likely be deemed the fault of the human driver and could actually drive up cost of coverage as this pool shrinks.

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Today, analysts estimate between 13 and 17 percent of claims paid to be fraudulent,14 resulting in excess payments of between $6 billion and $8 billion annually.

auto insurance auction hardy road houston

Manufacturer Plans vs. Third Party CoverageOne type of car repair insurance is sold through the vehicle manufacturer. They offer this plan to you either when your standard manufacturer warranty runs out, or when you purchase your vehicle. If they offer the car repair insurance when you purchase your new vehicle, they often offer additional coverage on their extended warranties, beyond what they offer on the standard manufacturer warranty. However, these plans can be more expensive than other plans, and the manufacturer often requires that you keep your mileage very low—below the average. Additionally, you have to use the dealer for any repairs.

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This article dispels that myth.

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